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General elements that can be used anywhere in your theme

Conditional Elements

Conditional Elements can be used to hide or show elements based on conditions

Show if User is Logged InLinkshow-ifmember
Show if User is a Paid MemberTextshow-ifpaid-member
Show if User has AccessTextshow-ifhas-access
Hide if User is Logged InLinkhide-ifmember
Hide if User is a Paid MemberTexthide-ifpaid-member
Hide if User has AccessTexthide-ifhas-access

Static Pages

Static pages in Webflow must have the same slug as the corresponding page in Ghost. Inside them, you can insert all the items below

Page TitleTextitemtitle
Page DateTextitemdate
Page Published At DateTextitempublished-at
Page Updated At DateTextitemupdated-at
Page Created At DateTextitemcreated-at
Page UrlLinkitemurl
Page Featured ImageImage Or Divitemfeatured-image
Page ExcerptTextitemexcerpt
Page TagsLinkitemtags
Page AuthorsLinkitemauthors
Page IDAnyitemid
Page ContentRichTextitemcontent
Page Meta TitleTextitemmeta-title
Page Meta DescriptionTextitemmeta-description
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