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Webflow to netlify


Every collection list made in Webflow can be mapped to Netlify CMS

Collections Elements

The attribute to insert in the Collection List Wrapper must have the same name as the CMS Collection:

CollectionsCollection List Wrappercollectionname of collection
Collections LimitCollection List Wrapperlimitnumber of posts
Collections FilterCollection List Wrapperfilterfilter field
TextCollection List Item
> Text
textname of CMS field
ImageCollection List Item
> Image Or Div
imagename of CMS field
ColorCollection List Item
> Text
colorname of CMS field
Background ColorCollection List Item
> Div
bg-colorname of CMS field
LinkCollection List Item
> Link
Show IfCollection List Item
> Any
Hide IfCollection List Item
> Any
Reference & Multi ReferenceCollection List Item
> Div
referencename of CMS field
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